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Top 5 Current Affairs: 26 March 2021

daily current affairs
daily current affairs

New Zealand has approved legislation that will provide couples, who have suffered a stillbirth or miscarriage, three days of paid leaves.

First ship tunnel of the world to be built in Norway

The first ship tunnel in the world is all set to be built in Norway. The project is expected to start in 2022 and will be completed by 2025-26. The ship tunnel has been planned to run underneath the mountains in the Stadhavet peninsula in Norway.

US co-sponsors EU resolution

The government of the United States announced that it will be co-sponsoring the European Union-led resolution over the human rights concerns in Burma. EU on March 22, 2021, had imposed sanctions on 11 individuals who have been responsible for the military coup in Myanmar.

Professor Sharad Pagare to be awarded Vyas Samman-2020

A renowned writer of Hindi Professor Sharad Pagare will be awarded Vyas Samman-2020 for his famous novel ‘Patliputra ki Samragi’. Pagare is one of the well-known authors of Hindi literature. Vyas Samman is conferred by Birla Foundation and is conferred for outstanding work in Hindi literature.

India ranks 40 on International Intellectual Property Index

India has ranked at 40 among the 53 economies on IP Index. The rankings were released on March 23, 2021. The index evaluates the Intellectual Property rights in the economies of the world from copyright policies and patents to ratification of the international treaties and commercialization of IP assets.

New Zealand Parliament passes bereavement law

New Zealand has approved legislation that will provide couples three days of paid leaves who have suffered a stillbirth or miscarriage. The leave provisions will be for the mothers and their partners as well as for those parents who have been trying to have a child through surrogacy or adoption.

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